Creating unique and curated
furniture with contemporary taste, Ceccotti Collezioni specializes in producing solid wood furnitures
in art noveau style.

With prestigious pieces, each
product is recognized for the
ability to tell stories without ostentation of industrial geometries, but also
without aesthetic frivolities.

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An American powerhouse that
produces modern classics of seating, tables and
desks for executive offices and distinguished

Developed in collaboration with the world’s
leading architects and
designers, Knoll represents
exquisitely designed signature pieces that
embody elegance, craftsmanship

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As an aesthetic lab, Driade believes
in the idea that eclectic and unique
yet elegant and timeless design
is the true essence of the art of living.

The continuous search for creativity
in each products constitutes the mission of
achieving a harmonious soul within home,
garden, and public spaces. 

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With deep passion for the interior world,
Living Divani brought an understated
luxury and harmonious proportions
to your design landscape, focusing
on post modern designs.

The company has always maintained
an intensive dialogue with modern
times, while retaining its distinctive
style of formal neutrality, with
a calibrated, essential design.

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Since 1978, this company has
a precise objective of innovating
the bedroom and created a new sleep
culture’. Having come a long way,
Flou has expanded into more
than just bed designers;

the continual development saw
aesthetics and function going
hand-in-hand for the bedroom space
with a variety of sofas and
lighting fixtures amongst many more.

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Renowned as glass artisans with immense
passion for creating visually exciting furniture,
Glas Italia has blossomed from its humble roots
as a glass factory to a design titan that has
collaborated with some of the leading designers
of our time. The avant-garde pieces by this
company are perfect to any contemporary space.

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Over 35 years of collaborations with
international designers and mastery of
lighting, Foscarini reflects the rigorous
principles to bring beauty and stir emotions by
transforming spaces.

Independent from any production constraints,
all productions translate into freedom of ideas
to seduce, surprise, and inspire.

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Using glass as a distinguishing feature
in furniture, lamps and objects,
Fontana Arte continues to evolve and
reach out to work with more designers
and other companies.

With regards to quality of product,
and a distinguished innovation, it
bridges the gap between technical
and decorative lighting.

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One of UK’s leading product designers and a
premium global design brand, Lee Broom
transforms familiar, classic styles into new and
contemporary ways with an unexpected edge.

Using the highest quality materials, combined
with the latest technology, this modern design
name constantly evolves and innovates,
resulting in a mix of classicism and modernity.

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With extensive, versatile range of lighting
fixtures, Luceplan produces a combination of
functional quality and decorative appeal for the
home architecture.

As a creative spirit, this company is cutting edge
but also solidly rooted in a unique heritage of
design and
production experience.

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