Shimmer by Patricia Urquiola
High tables, low tables and consoles in laminated and glued glass, characterized by a special iridescent multi chromatic finish.
The nuance varies according to the angle of the light source and the vantage point.
Reflected objects with a magical and ethereal appearance emerge.
Available in opaque or transparent glass, or transparent glass with a special micro dot decoration.
The high tables are available only without micro dot decoration.
The high tables bases can be dismantled and are fixed to the top by means of metal plates, concealed by a circular decorated covering.

Ø 52
H. 45

Ø 65
H. 50

W. 120
D. 65
H. 35

W. 140
D. 45
H. 35

W. 100
D. 45
H. 84,5

Ø 95/105/120/130/140
H. 74

W. 240
D. 130
H. 74