Screen by Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto
The Screen’s components are simple and easy to assemble. The support snaps onto the attachment plate. The washable screen takes on its definitive shape when fastened to the metal arms by means of special screw bushes requiring no screwdriver.

Available in two sizes, light and unbreakable, Screen is suitable for any traditional wall-lamp purpose. The smaller version, thanks to its screen which diffuses a soft and even light, is particularly indicated near bathroom mirrors because it does not cast shadows on the face.

L 36 Cm, H 26 Cm
L 29 Cm, H 21 Cm

Polycarbonate support
Injection-moulded methacrylate

Max 100/150W E27
70W Halogen Energy Saver
105/140W Halogen Energy Saver
15/20W Fluorescent