Blow by Ferdi Giardini
The new Blow by Luceplan: with dimmerable halogen lamp + motor 50% faster!

Blow, the “fan with the light above its blades”, protected for this reason by industrial patent, is a multi-functional light! Thanks to its sophisticated electronics, both the light and the fan can be operated by an infra-red remote control. Thus the fan can be installed while leaving the existing electricity system unaltered, or using ordinary switches that can be inserted in traditional wall plates. Blow also has an operating switch that can be used to reverse the blade rotation so as to regenerate the continuous and one-way air flow. The blades, with their particular profile and transparency, make the light elegant and easy on the eye. The exceptionally quiet motor (only 32 DB), is mounted on ball-bearings inside the opaline polycarbonate bearing case.

Diffuser H 40 Cm, Ø 24 Cm
Blades Ø 140 Cm

Polycarbonate Diffuser,
White Opal

Methacrylate And Screenprinted
Blades, Transparent, Green, Blue,
Orange And Multicolor

Max 150W E27
105/140W Halogen Energy Saver
26W Fluorescent