Nothing by Francisco Gomez Paz
An extremely conceptual design that takes LEDs back to their essence: ‘little nothings’, but capable of lighting up our spaces. calling this object a ‘lamp’ might seem strange, even inappropriate. nothing is a piece of aluminium sheet bonded with electronic circuits and LeDs: a very thin laser-cut flat surface, developed by Gomez paz through a complex process of mathematical elaboration.

Pulling on both ends of the aluminium sheet, it opens to become a very light threedimensional object. nothing – as its name says – is made from practically nothing. not only is it made from a simple sheet; it also has no diffuser, and has been conceived, instead, to collaborate with a white wall that can reflect and spread the light.

H 110 Cm, L 32 Cm

Aluminium Body
With Flexible Printed Circuit Bord
And Base With Steel Rods

LED 28W 2700K 1800lm