Berenice by Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto
The Berenice table lamp is available with base (45+45 cm or 30+30 cm arms) and clamp (45+45 cm arms). It is the inimitable founding product in a new type range of reasonably small sprung-jointed lamps. The fluid articulation of its movements and its perfect stability make Berenice the light that can be moved around without occupying precious space and with the least trouble.

Berenice operates with a transformer that allows low tension current to reach the bulb through its rods without electric wiring. Its figure thus remains slim and elegant. With a special distancer housed in the lower part of the head, the light can be brought very close to whatever needs to be illuminated, while maintaining the right and safe distance from objects. By simply touching the head ring, which is well insulated and independent from the bulb housing, the light can also be moved in any direction.

Arm 45 + 45 Cm, Base Ø 15 Cm
Arm 30 + 30 Cm, Base Ø 13,5 Cm

Aluminium Body
Alu, Black

Metal Or Pressed Glass Reflector
Blue, White, Green, Red, Metal, Black

Die-cast Aluminium Metal Parts

Rynite Head

Anti-UV Protection Glass

35W/12V Halogen