Ascent by Daniel Rybakken
THE GESTURE The fundamental novelty lies in the unusual gesture made to turn on the lamp, adjust its intensity or turn it off. The small shade slides along the slender stem with a fluid, continuous motion, from top to bottom and vice versa, dimming the light output by moving the head up and down. an intriguing gesture whose simplicity actually conceals a complex process of design and engineering.

THE TECHNOLOGY intimate and conceptual, ascent produces many levels of light intensity, using a very precise dimmer located inside the head. The circuits on the stem transmit input to the microprocessor, which interprets the change of state of the lamp and emits, as a result, different intensities of light.

H 64/65 Cm, Base 17x17 Cm

Head in aluminium sheet
Stem in technopolymer
Base in painted steel
Table bolt with impact-proof device in polyurethane rubber

LED 10W 2700K 400lm