MT by Ron Arad
"MT", or the initials that calls these pieces designed by Ron Arad, are pronounced in English as "empty" meaning "empty" and the gap is really the key element of this project. The volume, made through a rotational molding, is in fact carved and shows provocatively the inside, finished in different colors. From the typological point of view also worth mentioning the presence of a rocking chair, very rare in the modern world

Monobloc rotational moulding polyethylene in sand white or grey coloured outside and red, lilac, black or violet coloured inside.
Indoor and outdoor use.

W. 73,5
D. 74
H. 83
Seat H. 42

W. 80 / 31,4"
D. 104 / 40,9"
H. 78 / 30,7"
Seat H. 42,5 / 16,7"

W. 180 / 70,9"
D. 85,4 / 33,6"
H. 85 / 33,4"
Seat H. 42 / 16,5"