Lucky Star by Maurizio Galante Tal Lancman
A family of lights that evokes the notion of a starry night, with a canopy of interchangeable constellations. Consisting of an array of light points, the lamp's shape may be playfully altered by a simple hand gesture, from a geometric form to random dispersion. Lucky Star is available in suspension or floor versions, and in elliptic or circular formats.

Black, copper or aluminum colored anodized aluminum lamp. Illumination made of 22 halogen lamps from 5W GU4 a 12V or made of 14 halogen lamps from 5W GU4 a 12V, included.

Ø 135 / 53,1"
H. 50 / 19,6"

Ø 70 / 27,5"
H. 80 / 31,4

L. 90 / 35,4"
P. 70 / 27,5"
H. 210 / 82,6""